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Intacs patient helped with scleral lens


This patient had LASIK years ago and then developed something called Keratoconus. Keratoconus is an eye diseases in which the shape of your eye steepens and thins over time. The result is highly distorted and blurred vision.

She then had small plastic rings called Intacs inserted into her eye to help stabilize the vision and the keratoconus. Unfortunately, one of the Intacs rejected and had to be removed, leaving her with a hazy cornea.

She can see count fingers out of this eye ( that is MUCH worse than the big E on the vision chart at the eye doctor’s office).

We fit her with a medical device called the EyePrint Prosthetic. This device is custom molded to fit your eye perfectly. With this device, she could see 20/30 right away! What a huge improvement in her vision and quality of life.

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