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Severe Keratoconus In One Eye


We had the pleasure of seeing a lovely patient for a keratoconus consultation.

She was diagnosed with keratoconus in the left eye about 6-7 years ago by an eye doctor in Kansas. The doctor attempted a corneal gas permeable lens fit for the left eye, but she could not wear the lens due to the discomfort. She also complained of severe light sensitivity when the lens was in, and she stated it popped out a lot.

She moved to Las Vegas recently and saw a corneal specialist for a comprehensive eye eyes. She then found our office on the internet after seeking out an optometrist who specialized in medically necessary contact lenses for keratoconus.

Her topographies show a normal right eye and severe keratoconus in the left eye. The pachymetry is also very thin at the cone apex. She does have striae and some mild scarring inferior/central on the left cornea. The right eye can see 20/20 with glasses, and the left eye can see Count Fingers.

After reviewing all options, she decided to pursue the Latitude custom scleral lenses for each eye. We took 3D images with the sMap instrument, and then we worked with the Visionary Optics team to design custom scleral lenses.

With diagnostic scleral lenses, she was able to achieve 20/15 vision in the right eye and 20/60 in the left eye. She will be seen in about 2 weeks for her dispense. We are excited to help her see better!

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