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Orthokeratology patient (myopia control)

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Orthokeratology is a special type of contact lens which reshapes the eye while you are sleeping. This lens not only corrects your vision, but it helps to slow down myopia progression. It is called myopia management or myopia control too.

Special contact lenses are designed based on the shape of your eye and your exact prescription. Once the lenses are designed, you are seen in the office to check the fit and vision. If everything looks good, the lenses are dispensed. You wear the lenses at night, and the pressure and design of the lens reshapes your eye while you sleep. In the morning, simply remove the lens and enjoy clear vision all day!

One of the main reasons patients use orthokeratology is to help slow down the progression of myopia or near sightedness. High myopia can result in major eye issues such as glaucoma, retinal detachments, and myopic maculopathy as an adult. If we can slow down myopia in children, they are much less likely to have eye issues as an adult. Here is one of our recent cases:

17 yr old male has been wearing Ortho-Keratology lenses for 7 years. He was first fit in Taiwan and continued wearing lenses when he moved to Vietnam.

Patient was noticing blurry vision with current lenses. His visual acuity was OD 20/30 and OS 20/60.

We recommended doing a wash out from the previous lenses to get the most accurate fit and the patient and parents were comfortable proceeding.

A series of one day trial lenses were dispensed to the patient to help him get through the 2 week washout period.

A baseline topo was performed and we worked closely with CustomCraft Lab to design his Eyespace OrthoKeratology lenses. The patient’s vision had stabilized enough that we dispensed a monthly soft CL trial while waiting for his lenses.

After seeing him at the one day and one week follow ups, his vision was 20/20 in both eyes and the corneal topography looked excellent!

We are thrilled of his results and looking forward to seeing his progress.

Thank you again for this kind referral Dr. Yesnick!