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Corneal Transplant Patient Fit With Gas Permeable Contact Lens


Kind referral of a corneal transplant patient from Dr. Shibiyama from UCLA/Jules Stein!

Older gentleman with a history of keratoconus in each eye. He had bilateral transplants back in the 1970's and 1980's and they held up for quite some time!

He also has a history of glaucoma with bleb surgery in each eye, and a shunt in the right eye.

The right eye underwent cataract surgery 2 years ago, and also received a new corneal transplant in March, and is ready to be re-fit into a new specialty contact lens.

The left eye transplant looks great, however, due to a large cataract, his vision is limited in that eye. He is wanting to get the right eye fit with a contact lens prior to proceeding with cataract surgery in the left eye.

The left eye has a hugely elevated bleb, so the corneal lens was specifically designed by Dr. Shibiyama to decenter laterally and inferiorly to protect the bleb.

The topography did not look severely irregular in the right eye, so I chose the ACE corneal gas permeable fitting set. The 7.0 base curve actually centered quite well, and I was pleased with the fluorescein pattern. With an over-refraction, he could achieve 20/80 vision. Despite a beautiful transplant and clear IOL, the vision is limited due to his advanced glaucoma.

With the help of Art Optical expert consultants Bethany and Erik, we designed the lens and got it ordered. Will keep you posted on his results!

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