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Keratoconus Patient Changed From Gas Permeable Lens To Scleral Lens


Kind referral of a Keratoconus patient from Dr. Starlin!

▪️Keratoconus patient who has been wearing corneal GP lenses for the past 20+ years.

▪️His vision has been great over the years, as well as comfort, but over the past 3 years he has noticed that the lenses keep dislodging from his eyes and he has to replace them 4 times per year.

▪️After reviewing his case and taking measurements of his eyes, we decided to try scleral lenses in office. Scleral lenses are a great option for patients who have issues with lens dislodgment. Since scleral lenses are tucked under the upper and lower lids, they do not dislodge from the eye like corneal GP lenses do.

▪️With the Ampleye scleral lens, he was able to achieve 20/25 in the right eye and 20/20 in the left eye! The central clearance was excessive, so we altered the sag in each eye by 200 um.

▪️The topography looks a bit strange in the left eye, but that is likely due to his habitual corneal GP altering the true corneal shape.

▪️Looking forward to his dispense next Friday! All of the new Cornea and Contact Lens Residents will be able to witness his dispense live, so it will be very exciting!

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