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Eyeprint prosthetic case


Awesome patient referral from Dr. Murphy from @eyediologylv

- 69 year old male who suffered an eye trauma to the left eye over 30 years ago.

- The trauma involved a nail gun, and ultimately led to a corneal perforation, and dislocation of capsular bag and zonules.

- He ended up aphakic in the left eye, along with a permanent mydriatic pupil.

- He also has an exotropia.

- With glasses he can see 20/400 blurry in the left eye.

- After reviewing all options, he elected the EyePrintPRO.

- With an over-refraction of +14.75, he was able to achieve 20/20 vision!

- Once the EyePrint arrives and he has time to wear it, we will discuss prosthetic lens options to help with the photophobia.

- Thank you Dr. Murphy for trusting us with this special case!

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