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What is my doctor looking at?


When your doctor uses this machine (called a slit lamp), they are evaluting your eye under different amounts of magnification. This machine is similar to a microscope that you used in school, but just turned on its side.

There are different levels of magification, along with different color filters. There are also ways to change the shape of the light to examine different structures of the eye.

It takes eye doctors years to perfect the skills needed to use this machine.

During a scleral lens fitting, the doctor will use the slit lamp to evaluate your cornea and other structures of the eye. Once a scleral lens is inserted, they will use this machine to evaluate the fit of the lens.

Your doctor will be checking the central fit of the lens (among other parts) and also the edge alignment. The goal is to ensure a proper fit and describe any necessary changes before placing an order with the laboratory.

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