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Keratoconus patient and scleral lens

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Another great referral from @wellishvisioninstitute!
▪️Young Hispanic female with Keratoconus presented for a scleral lens consultation.
▪️She had corneal crosslinking with Dr. Wellish in January 2020 for the right eye and early June 2020 for the left eye.
▪️Both corneas show steeping and central striae.
▪️She doesn’t currently use any glasses or contact lenses.
▪️Without correction she is 20/400 in the right eye and 20/400 in the left eye .
▪️We fit her right eye today with the Ampleye scleral lens and got her to 20/30 vision!
▪️Ordered the lens today and we are super excited for her dispense!
▪️We will fit her left eye with a scleral lens after her eye is healed from the cross linking surgery and Dr. Wellish gives her the ok.
▪️So grateful to be a part of this patient’s journey to great vision!
▪️Thank you Dr. Wellish for trusting me to care for this patient!

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