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Scleral lens insertion with the ezi ring


How the EZ I ring can help you insert your scleral or hybrid lens.

▪️The EZI applicator is a great product that I discovered during my Contact Lens Residency. The company gave us some free samples to try on patients.

▪️Dr. Ed Bennet and I conducted a study at the University of Missouri, where we compared 2 applicator devices - the EZI ring vs the traditional DMV plunger. The subjects found the EZI ring easier to use than the plunger, and the results were statistically significant.

▪️We submitted these results to the American Academy of Optometry, and we were selected to present a paper at the annual 2012 meeting.

▪️The EZI is a great resource for many scleral lens and hybrid lens wearers who have difficulty inserting their lenses.

▪️The founders of the company are great too. The story of how the EZI applicator came to be is really interesting - a scleral lens wearer had a 22 mm scleral lens (which is VERY large compared to most scleral lenses), and he was having difficult inserting the lens. His son, an engineer, devised an insertion tool to help his dad get this large lens in his eye. The idea of the EZI ring was born, and now they produce many of them to help patients all over the world!

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