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Higher order aberration scleral lens

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Really fun and exciting case today!

I had a keratoconus patient present to the clinic today. I diagnosed him with keratoconus 2 years ago, then sent him to Dr. Wellish for cross linking, and then Dr. Wellish sent him back to me for a scleral lens fit. He was then fit into the Ampleye Scleral from Art Optical, which has helped him tremendously over the past year.

He is able to see 20/20 in the right and left Ampleye, which is of course amazing vision for a keratoconus patient.

However, due to the nature of his job, he needs to have crisp vision at night. He complains that he suffers from ghosting, halos, and major glare at night.

After he told me this information, we decided to try the Ovitz higher order abberation technology.

As you can see from his report, there is definitely room for improvement.

I am hoping that with the Ovitz lens, will be able to achieve better vision at night.

We fit him with the Valley Contax Custom Stable lenses in each eye, and I ordered the lenses today.

When the Ovtiz lenses arrive, they will have diagnostic markings on them. We will need to re scan the eyes so the company knows exactly where to add the HOA optics.

I am really excited about this challenging case and I will keep you posted on the results!

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