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Sclerals help patients with dry eye and LASIK scarring


A 65 year old patient was referred to me by Dr. Harvey Ohriner and Dr. Landin from The Eyecare Center in Las Vegas.

She has LASIK in both eyes over 20 years ago, and states the right eye did not go smoothly.

She suffers from extreme dry eye, and she is on many different medications such as restasis, xiidra, oasis tears, erythromycin ointment, and vital tears. She has also had Lipiflow treatments, punctal plugs,  and IPL treatments with Dr. Wellish.

All of the doctors thought she could possibly benefit from scleral lenses, so that is why she was referred to me.

Upon examination, her best corrected vision with spectacles was 20/40- in each eye. She did show signs of a thin tear meniscus, along with severe meibomian gland drop out.  There were a few areas of superficial keratitis on each eye as well.

Her topographies do show flattening central, which is expected for post LASIK patients, but her right eye does have some irregularity.

Due to her extreme dry eye and irregular astigmatism, I felt she was a great candidate for scleral lenses.

After reviewing all options, she opted for the Latitude scleral lens. This lens was highly recommended to vault over the nasal and temporal pinguecula.

With diagnotic Europa scleral lenses and a large over-refraction, she could achieve 20/25 in each eye!

The lenses were ordered and she will return to clinic for a dispense in about 2-3 weeks.

Thank you Dr. Ohriner and Dr. Landin for trusting me with this patient! I will post her dispense results soon.

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